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Katherine Bretz

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Katherine Bretz

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Katherine earned her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and Bachelor of Arts in German from Kent State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude and with University Honors. As part of her senior honors thesis, she gave a lecture recital on the Nibelungenlied, wherein she explored the relationship between medieval Germanic literature and music. Additionally, she completed a semester abroad at the University of Leipzig in Saxony, Germany, where she studied German language and culture, as well as trained with Peter Berne at the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy School of Music and Theatre. While in Leipzig, she toured northern Germany with the Leipzig University Choir, as well as appeared in an anniversary production of Götterdämmerung with the Gewandhaus Opera. After her semester in Leipzig, she participated in a master class in Torgau, Germany, with the International Saxon Academy of Singers. Katherine has appeared in productions with the Nightingale Opera Theatre and the Solon Center for the Arts, and is currently singing with the Columbus Damenchor.

Artistic Statement

A truly great artist finds inspiration in everything she sees and experiences, and finds a way to channel emotion and meaning into everything she performs. Write what you know, and then own it. In work and in life, I strive for authenticity above all else, and I believe that creative people can find a way to relate to anyone’s experience in life and in art, no matter how foreign. My work may not always make you feel happy or good, but it will definitely make you feel something, as I believe that is the true purpose of good art. Music charms the soul.

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As a teacher, I strive to help students realize their true potential. Good clay, when molded and guided properly by the sculptor, can transform into a masterpiece. I believe that the best performers never stop learning, the best students will always look for ways to improve, and the best teachers will help them along the way. My teaching style is very student-focused. In lessons, when I identify qualities that should be encouraged or corrected, I ask the student to focus on what it felt like to produce that sound, or to make that movement, and to commit it to memory, so that they can either avoid the behavior or repeat it as desired. I prefer a casual, friendly approach in my teaching, because I believe the student’s comfort is paramount to their success and improvement.

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Classical, Jazz, Other Style of Music


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Skype lessons, In-home lessons, Community Settings

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