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Eric Alexander

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5644 Newington Drive





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Community Musician

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I am a drummer who has played many styles of music. I grew up borrowing records and playing everything from big band to hard rock. I played percussion through high school including concert, jazz and orchestra. I played a little in college, but have focused mainly on drum set since then. I have played in rock bands, theater orchestras, contemporary and traditional churches.


Percussion – General

Style of Music

Pop Contemporary, Religious Worship – Contemporary Praise & Worship

Artistic Statement

I enjoy a wide range of music. What I love about music is the many forms it can take. I get carried by the rhythm, the melody and the color that can be added of counter melody and harmony. Those elements, along with dynamics and changes in intensity are what move people. It can take so many forms. As a percussionist, whose main goal is to keep time, I feel there is a constant communication within a music group that can move the listener and the performer. I know I am the right person for the job when I can help make that happen.