It is often said that timing is everything.  As so many of us can attest, Mark was known, not only for his gorgeous, rich, baritone voice, but for his impeccable timing on stage, especially in comedic work.  With one glance; one punched-up syllable; one strategically placed hesitation; Mark had an audience in the palm of his hand, either laughing, or suddenly catching on to a pivotal idea in a story’s narrative.  Mark was never late, and never early.  He never overplayed or underplayed a moment.  His timing was perfect, his instincts infallible; and they always made the show.

We hope you’ll forgive us, Mark, for arguing that your timing was off, in this case.  We cannot accept that there is anything perfect about you leaving your loved ones, and the rest of us who loved you, yesterday morning in what feels like the blink of an eye.  We are not ready.  We are not feeling satisfied by your expression of the moment.  And we certainly are not laughing.  You surely made a mistake, this time!

Perhaps you would try to comfort us by telling us we’re wrong.  That all is as it should be, somehow.

May we find the grace we need to consider that the man who exhibited consistently reliable timing in performance has simply continued to manifest the divine timing of a loving Universe.  May we find the courage to trust that those who were closest to him will be amply covered and carried by both human and divine Love through the darkest hours, into healing Light.  May we come to understand that there is, indeed, permanence in Mark’s life; in all of our lives.  Because energy does not disappear — it merely transfers and transforms.  Perhaps we are, all of us, past and present, all around each other, all of the time.

May we embrace this day.  May we allow Mark’s spirit to help us understand what it means to live in this moment, in perfect time.

Deep peace to all.



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