Self-promotion for musicians can be so uncomfortable!

What musician hasn’t been nudged by some well-meaning teacher, parent or friend to “just get out there and show ’em what you’ve got”?  For some of us musicians, we might as well be throwing ourselves in front of a speeding train.

Hi, fellow musician!  I’m Susan Millard Schwarz, an active mezzo soprano, arts administrator, and creator/owner of Anahata Music Project LLC.  A few years ago, I set out on a new journey to help my musician friends and colleagues (you!) with this uncomfortable process of self-promotion.  In short, I have made it my job to help strengthen your online presence, and help prevent you from disappearing from view, especially during down times.

Anna, the opera singer

Years ago, I had a good friend and colleague with whom I performed in some opera productions.  I’ll call her Anna.  She was in excellent vocal shape, eager for more work, but feeling overlooked by those who might hire her.  Like many, Anna did not have artist representation at the time.  And, like many, she was a modest person and not comfortable with self-promotion.

Anna told me she had been advised by another colleague to “just go into our local opera company building and walk around.  Talk to people.  Be seen by the artistic director, so that he will remember you.”  I laughed out loud as I tried to imagine this scenario.  My friend is supposed to wander through the halls, while various marketing people are chattering about their advertising challenges.  She’s going to strike up some random conversation in the restroom.  She will then saunter down the hall to pop her head into the artistic director’s office while he is on a conference call haggling with an agent over contracts and artist fees.  Yeah, sure, that’s an excellent suggestion for my reserved and introverted friend who prides herself on her professionalism!  We both laughed it off and agreed there had to be a better way.

Is it really that ridiculous of a suggestion?  No, not for an artist who is already on very friendly terms with the opera company staff and administration.  But it is a stretch for others who would be squeamish about dropping in just to say hello.

So, what other options does Anna have for reminding this and other artistic directors that she is available for hire?  Yes, she can send letters, emails and résumé materials — along with all the other singers.  But those emails and materials may not even reach the right eyes, depending on where the company is in its hiring season.  Anna is a fantastic performer, but not a great digital marketer.  She could use some help.

Could she sign up for any number of artist directories?  Certainly.  But most other artist directories are passive.  That is, they are designed to wait for the public to notice them online.  Most of them invite artists in for paid profiles, but they do very little to get their artists noticed.

Anahata Musicians Directory is not passive!

At Anahata Music Project, we work hard to promote and publicize our Musicians Directory, as well as individual member profiles.  We promote to multiple social media platforms (with targeted hashtags) and email lists, as well as printed programs and news media.   In the future, we will expand to more print media and radio broadcasting, as membership grows.

Membership can save you money!

Our profile template for the Promotional Membership delivers a comprehensive web presence, so you can use your Musicians Directory profile as their website, if you choose.  It captures photos, sound files, video, education, artistic and teaching philosophies, and much more.  (By the way, I challenge you to find an artist directory that allows for both an artistic and teaching philosophy statement.  These allow the public to know you all as real people.)  You may find you can discontinue your own website and save on money, time, and maintenance.  But if you want to keep your own, stand-alone website, it can be linked to your Musicians Directory profile.  This can help drive more visitors to your stand-alone website.

Less pain for Anna!

Back to Anna…

To summarize, if Anna had access to the Musicians Directory, she could create a fulsome profile for herself, and have the confidence that her profile is being promoted to thousands of targeted individuals.  She could know that the Musicians Directory, as well as her individual profile, are getting in front of the professionals who are important to her and her career.

This is why I created the Musicians Directory.  I wanted to develop a tool that Anna — and YOU — would feel comfortable using; a tool that would work for the member musician.  And that is what I have done.

Coming soon – SEO

One exciting service we have under development is the ability to add SEO (search engine optimization) to each member’s page, as an optional paid benefit.  Without getting too technical, this can be a game-changer, in terms of getting our members noticed!  A page that is adjusted for SEO will be a tremendous aid in matching musicians with those who want to hire them.  We hope to offer SEO service in a few months.

What about YOU?

Do you need a vibrant, online presence that will work for you, and not simply sit there in cyberspace, waiting for visitors?  Why not let the Musicians Directory take some of that promotion drudgery off your shoulders?  Create your profile today at Anahata Musicians Directory.

Not quite ready?  Then, let’s keep in touch.  Add your name to our email list to stay up on AMP’s latest news and offerings!  Sign up HERE.


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