As the old adage goes, “When you have your health, you have everything.”  But if your health depends on prescription medications that are too expensive to buy, you may be in a lot of trouble.  For a musician, it can be a serious situation, because for many of us, when illness prevents us from working, our income is diminished.

As you probably know, Issue #2, on Ohio’s November ballot, could affect prescription drug costs for Ohioans.  With the various angles represented in TV and radio ads, I personally have found it difficult to fully understand the issue, and what it means for myself and my family.  A fellow musician and attorney led me to three articles from the Columbus Dispatch, which lay out the information in fairly plain English.  It provides an argument FOR Issue #2, and an argument AGAINST Issue #2.  And, finally, it relays the position taken by the Columbus Dispatch, and the reasoning behind their stance.

Below, is a link to Issue #2, as it will be presented on the ballot.  Below that, you will find the links to the three Dispatch articles.  I hope this information will help you as you vote this November 7, 2017.  I wish you much music and merry-making through the coming holidays!

— Susan Schwarz


Issue 2:  Link

Dispatch NO argument:

Dispatch YES argument:

Dispatch Official Position on Issue 2:


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