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How many painful examples of after-performance comments or feedback have we been forced to absorb in our careers or education?  What zingers we have lodged themselves in our heads — or deeper, in our souls — for more than a couple decades?  How many of those comments came from our private teachers and coaches, however unintentionally?

When I witnessed a demonstration of Liz Lerman’s Critical Response Process (CRP) 16 years ago, I knew I had witnessed something truly great.  I determined to learn it and facilitate it, and in my 16 years of practicing it, it has changed my life.  I have seen it bring freedom, healing, and new direction to artists who have been blocked or fearful or crushed.  For others who were not so damaged, I have seen it spark energy for creative ideas, deeper joy and renewed confidence.

If you don’t know what CRP is, yet, it is a ground-breaking method of communication for the express purpose of giving and receiving feedback on creative or artistic work.  It was developed some 30 years ago by Liz Lerman, a world-renowned dancer/choreographer/arts educator.  The Process takes the form of four main steps.  It is a group activity, and the roles within the group consist of: an Artist who shares a portion of a work in progress; the Facilitator, who guides the group through the steps; and the Responders, who provide the feedback.

We do not have to settle for whatever comes at us, in terms of feedback on our work.  We, as artists, can create a kinder, more respectful setting, so that we can obtain more relevant and useful feedback to help us continue to grow and increase our success.  We can do better for artist selves, our music students, our colleagues.  The principles of CRP have practical applications that can extend well beyond the arts environment, as well.  Once, when I finished facilitating a workshop for a group of artists, a participant exclaimed, “Wow, I wish my husband could learn this!”

Anahata Music Project is offering monthly workshops in CRP, beginning September 1, 2021 as part of its Professional Development Series for musicians.  These workshops will be offered in-person at Stanton’s Sheet Music store in Columbus, OH through the fall, and online beginning in December.  All workshops will be facilitated by yours truly, Susan Schwarz.

Come join us! Learn a method of communicating feedback that can bring meaningful change to you, too. 

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Susan Schwarz, Anahata Music Project Founder & CEO



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