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Established Professional - You make your living from music. | Professional - You rarely or never take a gig that doesn't pay. | Semi-Professional/Young Artist - You are in, or recently finished, professional training; you may or may not be paid for your work. | Community Musician - You are skilled in music, but are active mostly as a volunteer.



About Us

Anahata Music Project LLC (AMP) serves musicians. Its mission is: to provide support services to musicians in order to bolster, promote and sustain their artistic endeavors, and assist them in their personal and professional lives.

“Anahata” refers to the heart in Sanskrit. As the anahata is said to be the body’s resonating center for love, compassion and charity toward all living beings, AMP’s work and mission derive from the same characteristics.

In May 2010, AMP introduced its Chamber Ensemble through a Holocaust program, which continues to present concerts commemorating events of WWII. In April 2013, AMP was established as a limited liability company, under the management and ownership of Susan Schwarz. In summer 2017, AMP registered to Do Business As: Musicians Directory.

In fall 2017, AMP’s online Musicians Directory was launched. The membership site is designed for use by musicians and the public for collaboration, promotion, and searching for artists, services and resources.


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